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Maybe one day I'll set up a glitzy, commercial website, the sort of thing to appeal to businessmen, to advertise the translation I do, with a list of experience and charges and all the other things that businessmen like. In the meantime, if you'd like a translation made from Czech, German or French , especially in the fields of environment, civil liberties etc., contact me at:

If you've got more money than you know what to do with, I'll have some of it. .. If not, I'll require just a friendly thankyou.

Some of my work
Czech Pronounciation
A Glossary of Species Names in Linnaean, Czech, English, German and French
Some On-line Bilingual Dictionaries
Some On-line Sources of Texts

Some examples of my translation work:
From Czech
Karel Čapek
Nine Tales for Children,
The Great Cat's Tale
How the king bought a cat
All the things a cat can do
How the detectives chased the magician
How the famous Sidney Hall caught the magician
What the magician did in prison
The end of the tale
The Dog's Tale
The Birds' Tale
My Fat Great Grandad and the Robbers (Josef Čapek)
The Water Sprite's Tale
The Second Robbers' Tale
The Tramp's Tale
The Great Policemen's Tale
The Postman's Tale
The Great Doctors' Tale
The princess in the land of Solomon
The case of Hejkalem
The case of the water sprite in Havlovice
The fairy's case
The War with the Newts
Book One - Andrias Scheuchzeri
Book Two - The Rise of Civilisation
Book Three - The War with the Newts
The Absolute at Large

Alois Jirásek
The Ancient Legends of the Czechs, (extract)
The Maidens' War

Natura 2000
Birds Directive

From German
Franz Kafka
The Trial

From French
No' a Lo'

Reading Czech

In the above stories I've made little or no alteration to Czech proper nouns. You can pronounce them how you like, of course, but to get the Czech pronounciation you'll probably need first to adjust the text encoding (if you ever see the second letter in KŘBENHAVN or the fifth in GRUYČRE, it needs adjusting (view - encoding - central European)). Then, putting the stress on the first syllable of the word, just read these letters - invariably! - as follows:
a cut
á cart
e bed
é bared
ě yellow
í / ý deed
u put
ú / ů cool
ou soul
c hats
ch loch
j yard
řDvořák - a difficult sound, like rolled /r/ and /ž/ at the same time
(just say /ž/)

Some European species names

In Linnaean, Czech, English, German and French.
About 8,000 species so far.

Some on-line dictionaries




Frogtok - - (legal & commercial)


Sources for Various Books, Texts etc.


Czech and Slovak




Constance Garnett ..

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