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Layne Thomas Staley

Full name - Layne Thomas Staley

Nickname - Blanche (from Jerry Cantrell)

Date of Birth - August 22, 1967

Place of Birth - Kirkland, Washington

Family members - 1 sister, 2 half-sisters, 2 half-brothers, and 1 step-brother

Hair color - blonde

Eye color - blue

Height - about 5'11"

Tattoos - One on back and arm (see this page)

Layne was born August 22, 1967 in Kirkland, WA.  When Layne was seven, his parents divorced. He started playing drums around the age of 12.  Layne always wanted to sing when he played his drums, so his groupies told him that he should sing instead. Layne traded in his drum set for a microphone and delay.

While at a party in Seattle in 1987, he met Jerry Cantrell  who suggested the two start a band. Jerry then introduced Layne to Mike Starr.  Then Mike introduced him to Sean Kinney who was dating Mike's sister.  Layne was known to be dark and mysterious, but he actually had a thirst for knowledge and was a chatterbox. He was also an artist. Layne did the artwork for Mad Season's album and in the Dirt sleeve. Hiss best known is probably the Alice In Chains Sun Logo. You can see his art here. Layne was engaged to Demri Parrott (they broke up in 1993/1994).  She died on October 29, 1996. You can read her obituary here.

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