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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring students and alumnae of Sanchaung (2), or Sangyong (2) as it is spelled now, together through joint planning of and participation of both students and alumnae in school or alumnae activities while developing school pride. We will also try to improve the quality of education at Sanchaung (2) in every possible area with the support of our teachers at school and the international alumnae.

Who we are

Sanchaung (2), also known as St. Philomena's Convent High School, is one of the best high schools in Myanmar(Burma). There are currently about 150 full-time teachers and 4,500 students (as of June 2003). The school is located at 291, Pyi Road in Sangyoung Township in Yangon, and about 13 acres in size. Many of our graduates go to Institutute of Medicine (1) and (2) in Yangon, Yangon Institute of Technology, or four-year univeristies and other technical institutes all over Burma. Some of us are abroad pursuing higher education at both undergraduate and graduate levels in various countries. Of course, many of us have also placed our feet firmly in the workplace or have become great housewives. But we will always have one thing in common; we are the alumnae of Sanchaung (2).

What we do now

This website aims to bring our alumnae together to rejoice in the old memories, open the door to the international alumnae community, and pave ways to future career goals or new friendships. Here, on this website, find out what's going on with old friends, make new friends, share your success stories, seek advice regarding your career, ask us how to get into foreign universities, take free online classes from St. Philomena Institute of Learning and Teaching, or help others by volunteering with us.

We invite you to join the network if you went to Sanchaung (2) and haven't done so yet. If you also have poems or beautiful pictures that capture our school or better yet our school spirit, send them to us as jpg files. [Poems in English need not be in .jpg format.] If we like it, we will post them up on the web so that all of us can share your memories of the good old days at Sanchaung (2). Please check out the links below to see what is happening.

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Contact us: Send an email to:Sanchaung (2) Alumnae Network

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