Join the Alumnae Network

            Remember those gates? Remember those days? If you went to BEHS (2) Sanchaung and haven't joined the network yet, you're welcome to do so now. Please send an email to Sanchaung (2) Alumnae with your full name when you were in school (we request that you include aliases if you use a different name now), the section, the class year, your mailing address, and your preferred email address. You can also include a small picture of you and a brief description of your life since you left Sanchaung (2) if you think it will be helpful for our network members to recognize you better. If you had attended Sanchaung (2) but graduated from another school or attending high school in another country, please let us know as well.

           All your personal information will be kept confidential in our secure database offline. We will list your name, your class year, your affiliation in some cases, and where you are now on our contact list on the website but not your email or mailing addresses. When someone inquires about you, we will forward you the corresponding email and you can decide whether to contact that person or not. This way, we protect your privacy and prevent you from receiving junk or harassing emails all the time. However,  this website is not responsible for invalid addresses nor false statements from individuals.

            If you can give advice on choosing a college in the country you are currently in, have brilliant ideas on getting financial aids and scholarships to go to college in a particular country, talk about career opportunities in your field of choice, share your success stories, have the latest news about Sanchaung (2), or have pictures to share, please email them to us, too. Your comments and suggestions to improve our website are also welcome.

           When we receive your email, we'll also send you an invitation to join us at Yahoogroups so that you can chit-chat with your old schoolmates and find out what's going on with everyone. Don't forget to click on 'Join This Group' button when you get that email. We'll be there whenever you feel nostalgic and want to talk to somebody who has shared your joys and cries at Sanchaung (2). Come see us there soon.

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