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  Then and Now Photo's

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    russ hamm then    russ hamm now     kim rehm then   kim rehm now
                Russ Hamm "75"
                                                     facebook logo  Kim Rehm Rogers "76"

       jeri stanton then    jeri stanton now            tim bush then   tim bush now    
facebook logo     Jerri Stanton Shriver "75"                                              Tim Bush "75"                        
                                                                                  Tim has 8 Children and 17 Grandchildren  (oldest GC is 13)

helen beggs then   helen beggs now         mark lewis then  mark lewis now
facebook logo   Helen Beggs Quilty "76"                                                            facebook logo    Mark Lewis "75"

david grenovich then   david grenovich now         debbie hyatt then   debbie hyatt now
David Grenovich "75"
                                           facebook logo     Debbie Hyatt Beringer "75"
facebook logo  Accents Home Remodeling                                                                                         

bill barber   bill barber now          cherie kivett then   cherie kivett now
facebook logo   Bill Barber  "75"                                                            facebook logo    Cherie Kivett Williams  "76"

tammy kaiser then   tammy kaiser now         deb molder then  deb molder now
facebook logo  Tammy Kaiser Riesgo "75"                                                      facebook logo     Deb Molder "75" 

roger high then  roger high now        rhonda briscoe then   rhonda briscoe now
facebook logo   Roger High  "76"                                                     facebook logo   Rhonda Briscoe Tays  "75"

jerry parrish then   jerry parrish now            ramona nelson then   ramona nelson now
Jerry Parrish "76"                                                                     facebook logo     Ramona Nelson Miller "75"

al sanchez then  al sanchez now                 andy davis then  andy davis now
facebook logo    Al Sanchez   "75"                                                                                facebook logo   Andy Davis "75"

deb hawley then  deb hawley now             jeff schlicht then  jeff schlicht now
facebook logo   Debbie Hawley Davis "75"                                                                       facebook logo   Jeff Schlicht "75"    
      ray lapietra then   ray lapietra now             eva burnett then  eva burnett now
facebook logo   Ray Lapietra  "75"                                                              facebook logo   Eva Burnett Reitemeier "75"

jeanette wall then   jeanette wall now            kevin king then  kevin king now
facebook logo   Jeanette Wall Borders "75"                                                                    facebook logo   Kevin King  "76"

becky rehm then    becky rehm then             denise smithheisler then   denise smithheisler now
facebook logo   Becky Rehm Bransley "75"                                              facebook logo    Denise Smithheisler Robinett "75"

Karol Bennett then      Karol Bennett now              harvey scruggs then harvey scruggs now
facebook logo   Karol Bennett "76"                                                                 facebook logo  Harvey Scruggs "75"

carrie simmons then  carrie simmons now                 jan martin then  jan martin now
facebook logo   Carrie Simmons Moore "75"                                                             facebook logo   Jan Martin Short  "76"

kathy bileck parks then  kathy bileck parks now         larry parks then  larry parks now
facebook logo   Kathy Bileck Parks  "75"                                                                 Larry Parks "76"

david allison then  david allison now
facebook logo   David Allison  "75"

Schlagle 75 "Then and Now" Photo Information

Year you graduated from Schlagle*
Upload your "Now" photo
Please upload your "Now" photo if we don't already
have it. We can crop your head shot from a full
length photo. We'll provide your Senior photo
from the yearbook.
Please provide any information you would like us
to post on your "Then and Now" photo profile and
we'll get it posted soon. Thank you!

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