History of Monticello/Wayne County

Mill Springs

In Wayne County, you will find the beautiful and historic Mill Springs water wheel. It is the largest over-shot water wheel in the world and still in operation. The Battle of Mills Springs was fought in 1862. The North and South were trying to get hold of Kentucky. Each year several events are held at the battlefield including infantry and artillery living history presentations, Federal and Confederate Memorial Day Services, a candle light tour, and a battle commemoration ceremony held on the Saturday closest to the battle anniversary of January 19th.

Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland was filled with water in December 1950. Its shoreline measures 1,255 miles and the lake is spread over 50,250 acres at the top of the power pool. Over 3 million visitors a year know that Lake Cumberland is a place where you can recreate to your heart's content. There's everything here: boating, fishing, skiing, skijets, swimming, hiking, camping, exploring, golfing, shopping, singing, horses, high mountains and deep valleys, rock climbing, scuba diving, and wild caves galore. It is a gorgous lake. People flock from Ohio, Indiana, Virginia and other surrounding states each weekend during the summer to enjoy its majestic water. They're several Marinas to choose from to spend your vacation or moor your personal Houseboat or Personal Water Craft.

We are affectionately know as the "Houseboat Capital of The World". A significant percentage of the world's houseboats are built at nearly a dozen factories in communities around the lake. They're are five Manufacturer's alone in Monticello. I currently work for Horizon Yachts.

My Old Kentucky Home-Stephen Foster

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